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5 Interesting Things to Do in Delhi

India Gate

With its grand history and awesome modernization, Delhi, being India’s political capital, draws the attention of large number of visitors. It has many surprises to offer for tourists. This busy city is loaded with number of attractions. Some attractions of this city are an element of Delhi’s uniqueness. Delhi has all sorts of things that entertain the tourists of varied interests. Foodies, shoppers, historians and culture lovers love to explore Delhi and please their interests.

Here are the interesting things that you must do as part of your Delhi’s visit

1. India Gate

India Gate
Photo by ssbmaccom, CC0 1.0

Delhi’s tour is incomplete if you fail to visit India Gate. This popular tourist attraction of Delhi is located at the center of the city. In fact, this is the most popular monument of Delhi. This serves as a famous picnic spot too. Bordered by lawns that are lush green, children love to run and play in open lawns. The surrounding roads of this popular attraction are occupied by walkers in the morning and evening times. Nearby of this attraction, there is a pond which offers you a boating facility. Night view of India Gate is amazing as this monument is marvelously lit up along with the surrounding fountains.

2. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple
Photo by harmeet9000, CC0 1.0

Lotus temple is a must visit place in Delhi. Lotus temple is also famous as Bahai Temple. This amazing temple is constructed out of white marble in the form of a lotus flower and remains as an example of stunning modern architecture. This stunning construction gives you a great relief in the current concrete jungles era. Interesting fact of this temple is you won’t find any idols or images in the temple. Surrounded by lush green beautifully maintained landscaped gardens, Lotus temple offers you a pleasant sightseeing experience. Visitors are allowed to do mediation in the peaceful environment offered by the temple. During sunset, this temple looks amazing.

3. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk
Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Photo by www.david, CC BY-ND 2.0

Chandni Chowk  is the popular, historic and wonderful shopping place in Delhi. In fact, it is the busiest market of Delhi which is believed to be the biggest wholesale market of Asia. In this market, you can get snacks, heena, spices, Indian pearls and dry fruits as souvenirs of your trip. This market is home to the best street food. This place is messy and crowded, and serves as a shopper’s paradise. Here, you find authentic and cheap items. Decorative items, junk jewellery and handloom products. This place must be a part of your Delhi tour. You get to pay attention to street life of Delhi by visiting this place.

4. Crafts Museum

Crafts Museum
Photo by chopr, CC BY 2.0

Located near Bhairon Road, Crafts Museum is one of the popular attractions of Delhi. Wood carvings, pottery, toys sculpturing and metal-ware crafting are few of the crafts that are displayed in this museum. Also, tribal textiles, folk paintings, handmade jewellery made by tribes belonging to different states across the country. In fact, this museum is set up in a wonderful setting that is an exact model of Indian villages. This museum is house to almost 20,000 items of textiles, tribal arts and crafts. One interesting feature of this place is that artisans belonging to various places in India arrive here to demonstrate their proficiency and skills.

5. Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium
Photo by Wiki-uk, Public Domain

Nehru Planetarium was once the official residence of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Now, this place was transformed in to a museum and planetarium. This planetarium is loaded with number of activities that surely entertain the visitors, especially kids. If you are fascinated about science and space, you must visit this place. You are going to find the relevant information relating to space and astronomy. Almost, 200,000 people visit this place every year.

In one word, versatility of Delhi will surely impress you because of its uniqueness and multiple attractions. It is the home to many historical monuments like Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Qutub Minar and temples like Akshardham and ISKCON Temple. Apart from these, Delhi is the house of many amazing galleries, gardens, museums, cultural centers and parks.